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About The Championship Rings 

TheChampionshipRings STATEMENT:

1.The Physical Production is Same As Pictures
2.Precious metals inlaid stones is the best gift which worth treasuring.
3.It is Made of precious metal alloys which is Heavy solid class ring,Will not be deformed, will not fade, it looks like white gold class ring, gold class ring.
4.It is Made of precious metal alloys which is Will not be deformed, By the size of your finger, you can't adjust the size,
we have a full-size table in the upper right side, your order need to depend on the size of your finger!metals inlaid stones is the best gift which worth treasuring.

TheChampionshipRings MATERIALS :

1. Copper - precious metal alloy made to look like gold class rings.
2. Palisil - A non-precious metal alloy made to look like  gold class rings. 
3. Silver - Sterling Silver .925 to look like gold class rings.
4. 10k and 14k gold class rings.


Rest assure when you choose WWW.TheChampionshipRings.COM, you are choosing the choice of many champions!

At TheChampionshipRings.com we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge in the custom ring industry. When you choose TheChampionshipRings.com you are choosing a manufacturer that is second to none in the custom ring industry.

--------Our manufacturing facilities have invested millions into state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most precision detail possible on our rings.

--------TheChampionshipRings.com is also a proud partner with the over 10 Semi-Pro Football Leagues.

--------TheChampionshipRings.com is also a large supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces and is the official jeweler of the National Guard.

By choosing TheChampionshipRings.com you are going direct to the manufacturer and choosing a professional product that is used by some of the largest companies in the World. Many have found that by ordering direct through TheChampionshipRings.com you can save over 50%.

Founded in 1969, TheChampionshipRings.com has come to the forefront of the industry in custom jewelry. TheChampionshipRings.com is a leading online retailer of championship rings, class rings, corporate rings, military rings, and fashion jewelry. The company’s rapid growth over the years has come from our innovative and innumerous options when it comes to customizing jewelry. Our aspirations to continually improve our customer’s options are what make us different. No other online retailer offers more options at a lower price.

WWW.TheChampionshipRings.COM --------- Free Shipping To Worldwide By DHL !

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